About BCA Course


Computer science is a fast-moving technical field that affects almost every aspect of our lives. Computing software and systems drive new innovations and are integral to making the world work as it does. From mobile apps and social media to artificial intelligence and automatic pilots, new technologies require creative, secure and effective software. This major will develop your knowledge of theoretical, algorithmic, implementation and systems principles.

If you wish to play a role in developing new computing technologies or specialise in enterprise-level programming, systems, software engineering or research careers, then Computer Science is the major for you. In the future: Computer systems underpin almost every type of business and enable the growth of businesses around the world. Destinations for graduates include large software development houses such as Google and Microsoft; social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter; large organisations of all kinds (industry, government, banking, health care, etc.;

as well as many smaller computing, mining and resources, and consulting companies. Students can choose to pursue further studies at honours or postgraduate level.

Course Objectives:

The broad objective of BCA degree is to prepare students for careers in software industry understanding and skills related to the use of Computers and its application.

  • To impart quality computer education to enhance
    logical computing and programming skills.
  • To implement innovative techniques and processes
    in teaching - learning and evaluation.
  • To further creativity and pursuit of excellence in
    computer applications.